Quiz Night!

As Nottingham joined the rest of the country in lockdown again, Don and Sue Pringle gave our spirits a lift with a testing quiz on the topic of Scotland and things Scottish. 32 members attended via Zoom and answered questions as varied as ‘Where would you find the Gable Endies’ and ‘Where would you find the World’s Highest Hedge’? *

In a break between questions, there was a chance to refresh glasses, get out the traditional pies and chat with friends. After that it was back to the questions – and a continuing struggle to dredge recalcitrant facts from deep in the memory – or not, as the case might be! Eventually the scores were totted up and revealed Sue and Andrew as winners. However, the best prize went to Isobel who won the draw for a litre bottle of her choice – we’re thinking probably orange juice?

Many thanks to Don and Sue for their hard work in setting this up and making it such a success.

(*The answers? Montrose and Meikleour)

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