Programme 2020-21

All events are subject to confirmation in light of Covid-19 guidelines.


Wednesday 17th June: Walk and BBQ at Don’s. Details to follow.

Monday 13th July: Walk and lunch. If Covid-19 allows!

Thursday 29th October: A Celebration of Scotland on Zoom. 7.00pm

Saturday 28th November: St Andrews Day Quiz on Zoom. 7.00pm

Wednesday 16th December: Fuddle on Zoom. 3.30pm


Saturday 23rd January: Burns Night on Zoom. 7.00pm

Saturday 13th February: St Kilda. Dave and Jan Chapman. Zoom. 7.30pm

Saturday 20th March: Quiz Night on Zoom. 7.00pm

Thursday 29th April: AGM on Zoom. 7.30pm

Wednesday 19th May: Walk. Details to follow.

Archive of Previous Years:

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