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Covid-19: As England comes slowly out of lockdown, we will hope to resume some real life events. The first of these will (provisionally) be a walk on Wednesday 19th May. Watch this space for updates!

Our members look forward to the latest edition of our magazine, The Chanter.
Without an editor, there will be no Chanter.
Are you the very person we are looking for?
No technical know-how needed, just a little spare time and a knack for persuading our members to write articles.
Contact Margaret or Don to find out more. 

We are a group of people from all walks of life who are brought together by our Scottish ancestry or love of things Scottish. We offer a warm welcome to new and prospective members and, if new to the area, help them to settle in and make new friendships.

Our aims are to help keep alive Scottish traditions, celebrate Scottish events and to enjoy ourselves.

Our activities include a weekly informal session of Scottish Country Dance, annual dinners celebrating St Andrew’s Day and Burns Night, and a variety of social events and outings. See the Programme of Activities for currently planned activities.

Although we have many long-standing members, we are always looking for new members. If you’re a Scot – or simply interested in Scotland and Scottish traditions – then we’d love to welcome you!

For further information or to join the Association contact Margaret.  

Email: secretary@nottinghamscottish.org                    Tel:0115 9200461

Coming Up: 

Thursday 29th April: AGM on Zoom. Details to follow.

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