The Treasure Seekers of Holme Pierrepont


This years Treasure Hunt was to assist the local Kayaking team, The Eskimo Rollers. After a night of celebrations following their win at the National Water Sports Centre they had mislaid their trophy.

Our mission, if we chose to accept it, was to search the Country Park and, by correctly solving  a number of clues, locate the place where they had left it.

Hampered by high temperatures, it was again about 27C (that’s about 80F in old money)  our teams of intrepid hunters set off to save the day.

Our first obstacle was navigating the high car parking charges of £15 which were being imposed, as it was the day of the National junior canoeing championships. However we explained we were Scottish and had only come to solve the mystery, thankfully the charges were then waived!!

The Country Park was overwhelmed by what appeared to be every canoe in the country and their owners and families descending on Holme Pierrepont at the same time. We knew we were facing overwhelming odds and had already lost two of our hunters on the way to the car park, as Andrew and Sue failed even to reach the start.  Sue’s car  succumbed to the weather and overheated on the way to the rendezvous – at the age of 21 who can blame her? (That’s the car, not Sue!)

Fighting our way through the thousands of spectators and canoes we managed to make our way around the park and solve all the clues until eventually we found the Trophy in the Pierrepont Stables.

Only three teams managed to finish the course, well actually only three teams started. so, high on our success, we retired to Lyndsey and Grahams for well earned tea and cakes. Andrew and Sue had also managed to sort out their car as well and were there for the celebrations.

We also found out that David who had organised the day had turned 65 on the Friday so we toasted  him with a glass of bubbly, courtesy of Lyndsey and Graham. We were surprised at his age as we all thought he was much older!!!!!!

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